I created the Normal, Illinois poster for my home office after graduating from Illinois State University in 2005. Seeing the names of the streets and avenues on my wall remind me of the people and experiences from that period of my life. Over time, friends saw the print and asked me to design street maps of their college towns, and I realized others felt the same connection with the places they called home for 4 years.

In 2014, I created School Street Posters as a design shop specializing in street map prints of college towns and cities. The name—School Street—is not only a description of the products I design, but also the street where my wife and I first met in 2003 in Normal, Illinois.

At School Street Posters, we are proud to touch every print by hand - from cutting paper, to mixing inks, to framing and packaging every poster that leaves our shop. We use a variety of old and new printing techniques, including screen printing, offset printing and digital giclee printing. 

We try to release a new design every few weeks. Follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook to see when new designs are released. Thanks for checking us out!

Eric Strand