School Street Posters proudly partners with select businesses to offer wholesale services. If you wish to carry School Street Posters products in your retail store, please contact us at or complete the form below.

First time buyer offer: Want to try us out in your store? We'll send you 6 prints of your choosing at $14/print. If you do not sell them in 90 days we will buy back the inventory. 

Wholesale Basics

We offer wholesale pricing for all unframed screen prints. Please contact us for framed prints, posters, and canvas wholesale options.

Minimum: 12 prints. You may mix and match cities and colors.

    Packaging: 13"x 19" prints are individually wrapped in clear sleeves backed on cardboard. 16" x 20" and 18" x 24" prints are rolled in kraft tubes.

    Shipping and Lead time: Most wholesale orders ship 5-7 business days after placing your order. We ship via USPS and UPS Ground.

    Payment Terms: We invoice you 30 days after you receive your order. We accept electronic payment through Venmo and check by mail. 



    Ready to place an order? Or do you still have a few questions? Either way, email is at or use the form below.