School Street Posters is a graphic design and screen printing studio in Chicago that creates street map prints of college towns and cities. Founder and artist Eric Strand created the Normal, Illinois poster for his home office after graduating from Illinois State University in 2005. "There's something about seeing the names of the streets and avenues on my wall," said Strand. "It just brings me back to that period of my life." Over time, friends saw the print and began asking for maps of their college towns. In early 2014, Strand began selling designs for Ann Arbor, Champaign-Urbana and a handful of other cities that he produced out of his Chicago apartment. Today, School Street Posters has designed more than 100 posters of college towns, cities and neighborhoods.

99% of our work is screen printed by hand in our shop. Screen printing is a very old and very laborious printing technique. An artist uses a rubber squeegee and a stencil on a silkscreen to pull a layer of ink onto the paper. Unlike a poster made by a digital printer, the ink sits on top of the paper, so that the print is slightly 3-dimensional. You can feel the ink when you run your hand over the print and it creates a beautiful contrast between the textured fibers of the paper and the ink.

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